All decoiler types are available in single and double decoiler versions. Totally covered expanding systems. Large expansion range in types S120, S130 and S140, for coil weights of 500 kg up to 3000 kg, at coil widths up to 500 mm. Types S114 and S115, for coil weights from 1,000 kg up to 30,000 kg, at coil widths up to 1,600 mm. Excellent, constant efficiency of expanding mechanisms.


The standard decoiler model can be added with a large range of accessories. These include a great variety of:

  • various expanding drives
  • brakes
  • drives
  • strip loop controls
  • coil side limitations
  • hold down rolls
  • loading tables
  • side movement systems
  • turn-over systems

Tapered roll decoiler

  • Saves on set-up time
  • Multiple coils can be placed on the mandrel and decoiled successively
  • Bandwidth inputting via the control panel
  • Precise strip running positioning by position encoder for travel of decoiler and position encoder for the position of the external tapered rolls

Double turning decoiler

  • Saves on set-up time
  • Optional: Two hold down rolls per winding layer for introducing the beginning of the strip
  • Winding from above and below


Safety decoiler

  • Space-saving
  • Hydraulically operated decoiler
  • With front safety if desired


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